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We are a full service auto repair shop offering all the repairs and maintenance you need for your car. We are the only company offering a nationwide warranty for a full year on our services, and that sets us apart from the competition.

Trust us when you need the following services for your vehicle:

• Air conditioning service – Stay cool and comfortable. We can check Freon levels and refill them in addition to providing any necessary repairs. We also offer $50 off major AC or heater service.
• Alignment – Keep the tires perfectly aligned to minimize wear and protect your car. Enjoy a $20 discount with our alignment services.
• Diagnostic – That Check Engine light may be a mystery to you, but we can hook it up to the computer and tell you exactly what it means.
• Mechanical Diagnostic – Even the fine computerized systems will not always alert you to a problem. If you are hearing a strange noise or the car is not driving right, let us take a look and figure out what is going on with them.
• Exhaust – Stay clean and legal by maintaining and repairing your exhaust system.
• Winterizing – The winters in Irving can be hard on your car. Let us make sure your car is ready with our winterizing service.
• Suspension – Enjoy a smooth ride by letting us keep your suspension in great condition. We offer $75 off on major suspension work to help you save money.
• Engine – Whether you have a blown rod or something else going on, you can trust us to handle the repairs. Save money with $100 off on engine repairs.
• General Maintenance – Oil changes, transmission treatments and tire rotations are some of our regular products that will prolong the life of your car.
• Electrical – Chasing down an electrical problem is difficult, but we have the tools and skills necessary to handle this chore for you.
• Heating – Stay warm and toasty with our service.
• Brakes – From full brake jobs to simple pad replacements we are here to help.

We offer free towing with every service, and we are the only place in town offering a nationwide warranty. Call us today at 972-785-8020 to schedule an appointment with our team and get your car back in top running condition.

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